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57868 jholmen
* Merge of trunk with /branches/komp_scheduler/src (svn merge -r57795:57867 https://gforge.sci.utah.edu/svn/uintah/trunk/src).
57867 guilkey
Turn back on some code to throttle back crazy velocities at low mass nodes.
57866 jbhooper
-- And another
57865 jbhooper
-- Fix another error GCC 6.3 doesn't like.
57864 jbhooper
Fix error that older versions of GCC didn't catch, but newer ones object to.
57863 jbhooper
Update StructuralEnergetics codebase for better diffusion and reaction tracking.
-- Always track total concentration, even if not using to cycle boundary conditions.
-- Mass weight total concentration instead of particle weight.  For constant mass particles there should be no difference.
-- Track maximum effective stress in the entire system.  (Temporarily here until I can clean up lithiation diffusion in other branches.)
57862 allen
changed the InfoMapper to be a full map class so that the key values can be random
57861 bisaac
Fixed a bug which adjust emissivity in limiting cases. This will change the answers for 1GW_pokluda.
57860 allen
removed the DataArchiver from grim path to perdition
57859 zhouminmin
Updating sigma turbulent viscosity model with wall bc, it doesnot break RT
57858 ohdiazi
WALE model for production code
57857 harman
Added python script to find "orphan" gold standards.
57856 allen
I added additional access methods to the InfoMapper which in turn require an Enum for the template
57855 derekhar
Removed table search function that is no longer used.
57854 ohdiazi
delete Type from VariableHelper
57853 ohdiazi
check point for RT
57852 ohdiazi
PT: packed time variable
57851 ohdiazi
fixing packed isotropic test
57850 ahumphrey
Some cleanup and refactoring before another round of task graph compile optimizations:

d_name --> m_name

Note, the lab convention (which I've adopted) is:

m_name (member)
s_name  (static)
g_name  (global)
t_name  (thread-local TLS)
57849 derekhar
logic that became redundant by invoking full - spatial scheduling was removed.
57848 bpeterson
Just committing a preliminary start on better portability in Uintah API itself. It's not finished, but I'm committing it because 1) This is a branch and I can commit incomplete work, and 2) my laptop has been flakey lately and I don't want to lose anything.  :)

57847 bisaac
This is a commit from Oscar. It is fixing an issue related to uninitialized variables. No impact on RT.
57846 harman
cleaned out deleted functions  from the import lines
57845 bisaac
Turned deposition back on the walls. This will break 1GW tests and mass_and_energy test.
57844 harman
Run make clean, removing the stamp directory, after all the timesteps have been tarred.  Previously,
the stamp directory was removed before all processors were finished.

Added bullet proofing to catch when a uda directory name contains either a ":" or a whitespace,
Make doesn't like that.

57843 bpeterson
Merges kokkos_dev branch to be consistent with trunk

57842 ohdiazi
deleting for density task, a temp variable is used .
57841 ohdiazi
updating ups files
57840 ohdiazi
fixing packed turbulence case
57839 ohdiazi
commeting out changes in DS.
57838 ohdiazi
BC for smag dynamic model
57837 ohdiazi
save filter MM and ML
57836 ohdiazi
DS v2 : sij is filtered instead of rho*ui
57835 ohdiazi
recoding filter
57834 ohdiazi
density for filter
57833 ohdiazi
adding a special filter for density
57832 ohdiazi
rho*u is computed and filter
57831 ohdiazi
filter operation
57830 ohdiazi
BC in dynamic model
57829 ohdiazi
add print