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57022 jas
Replace deprecated finite with isfinite()
57021 allen
reverted code to keep the last reduction task and added dbg statement
57017 derekhar
Removed reference to dynamicMPI.
57016 allen
fixes for W-cycle and performing on-the-fly analysis
57015 ahumphrey
Pass generic tg_num to addTask, let that method handle details.
57014 ahumphrey
Extract common code for adding task to task graph(s) into helper method (private addTask with different signature). Should help with current work with w-cycles.
57012 ahumphrey
Add mutex to postMPIRecvs until we can sort out the foreignVar race condition. This should fix the failing MPM charpy test, and perhaps issues with other components.
Clean up some DWDatabase source while under the hood.
57008 ahumphrey
Fix input file for failing ICE test.
57004 bisaac
Switched hybrid momentum discretization upwind approximation. This will break the OFC hybrid test.
57003 allen
fixed DW issue with W cycle and correct callswith materials
57002 allen
added an exception for W cycle with analysis cause it no worky
  • Linux-Optimize-Test: Running ICE opt tests failed -  stdio
57001 allen
added material basis for computers and requires
  • Linux-Optimize-Test: Running ICE opt tests failed -  stdio
57000 harman
Added directory that contains scripts used in scalability studies.
56999 cgritton
Updates to compute neumann bc.
56998 harman
Reverted Jon's changes.

  • Linux-Optimize-Test: Running EXAMPLES opt tests failed -  stdio
56997 allen
Added some bullet proofing
56996 allen
Corrected the time and dw put with material
56995 derekhar
Delete varLabels at the end of the simulation, for scattering-sweeps DO radiation, and the brown-soot model.
56994 harman
Reverted SCJMC commit.

56993 scjmc
added PhaseField component
56992 scjmc
- added Heat component
- coarse to fine connections made conditional upon #define SKIP_COARSE_TO_FINE_CONNECTIONS
  function: HypreDriverSStruct::makeLinearSystem_CC
  file:    src/CCA/Components/Solvers/AMR/HypreDriverSStruct.cc Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting
56991 scjmc
added --with-hypre-include/--with-hypre-lib options to configure
file: configure.ac
  • Linux-Optimize-Test: Running UCF opt tests failed -  stdio
56990 jas
Add zlib locations to sub.mk files.
56989 allen
minor clean up to remoe additional warnings
56988 allen
changed to strict else to remove a warning
56987 allen
fixed specified z library
56986 allen
added specified z library
  • Linux-Debug: compile failed -  stdio
56985 derekhar
Added comments to new RT test input file.
56984 harman
Code formatting and simplication.
- compiles but doesn't run.
56983 derekhar
Add BrownSoot and spectral physics to RT suite. Minor spec edits.
  • Linux-Optimize-Test: Running MPM opt tests failed -  stdio
56982 harman
Dust off Jennifer VanRij's slip boundary conditions from 2011. 

- code compiles but doesn't run.

56981 jas
Update Author list.
56980 jthornoc
Forgot to add a file.
56979 allen
added in new task monitoring feature on a per patch basis
56978 jthornoc
Adding flag information.
56977 jthornoc
Cleaning up some warnings.
56976 bpeterson
Updating the author list

56975 derekhar
removed reference to previously deleted fortran files.
56974 derekhar
Added support for spectral solvers for Arches-radiation.  Support is currently only provided for the sweeping solver.  This commit also removed several experimental sweeping approaches.

This commit will break all radiation tests due to the changing of a label name, but otherwise should not change the answers.
Removed some of the unused fortran code.
56973 harman
increased size of dialog window
  • Linux-Optimize-Test: Running UCF opt tests failed -  stdio