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57328 jholmen
* Added build system support for Kokkos.
* Added /src/include/sci_defs/kokkos_testdefs.h.in.

This commit allows --with-kokkos=DIR to be used to point to a Kokkos installation instead of CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS.

Note, files using #define UINTAH_ENABLE_KOKKOS must now add #include <sci_defs/kokkos_defs.h> to manage this macro.
57327 allen
fixed updating of the sim time
57326 allen
consolation of code in the controller and cleanup of app common
57325 harman
Added support for spatioTemoralAvg

  • Linux-Debug: configure failed -  stdio
57324 harman
- added support for CCVariable<floats>
- filled in calculation of spatial averages
- cleanup

* spatial averaging working

  • Linux-Optimize-Test: configure failed -  stdio
57323 allen
missed a few name changes
57322 allen
update to move to a application common class and remove the shared state
  • Linux-Debug: compile failed -  stdio
57321 allen
updates to the new app common class
57320 harman
Added post processing module to compute spatial/temporal averages for variables saved in a uda.

Heavy construction zone.

57319 harman
Added option:
  -deleteOrgTimesteps      delete  original timesteps directories after they have been tarred.
57318 harman
Created a separate namespace to avoid a clash.  The clash only showed up on a static build.

57317 cgritton
Update to trunk.
57316 cgritton
Removed doc section from this branch.
57315 guilkey
Fix the outputProblemSpec
57314 guilkey
Bring the pTar driver into the branch.  Modify pTarUda to remove the original timestep directories if
doing a create.
57313 guilkey
Putting Todd's latest version of pTarUda in the Cyberstone branch.
57312 harman
- Cleaned out dead code.
- Added usage comments
- Added bulletproofing

* It's working.

57311 ahumphrey
Update TSAN suppression list
57310 allen
added needed / removed unneeded include file
57309 cgritton
MPNP component works using hard coded boundary conditions.
57308 harman
The statistics module runs but is not verified.  There's more code to cleanup.

57307 cgritton
Work still needs to be done for the NP boundary conditions.
57306 harman
Changed Dout variable name to avoid a clash that only appears when sus exits.

57305 harman
Heavy construction zone. 

Added the foundation for new postProcessUda component.

Added factory machinery for adding uda post processing modules.

Added statistics module, which is a copy of the OnTheFly:: statistics code.

It compiles and that's it.

57304 zhouminmin
57303 allen
moved the outputing to the correct location
  • Linux-Optimize-Test: Running MPMICE opt tests failed -  stdio
57302 harman
  - added missing mutex unlock before returning.
57301 cgritton
Merge updates from trunk.
57300 guilkey
Put in a non-zero minimum mass for acceleration.
57299 cgritton
Cleaned up some variable names, fixed issues associated with building on mac. Started working on computing face centered flux values.
57298 cgritton
Started new function to compute rate of change of positive and negative charged species for the PNP equations.
57297 guilkey
Adding pressure dependence to the dissolution rate.
57296 cgritton
Working calculation of electric field.
57295 harman
The buildbot test list now contains all tests.
57294 cgritton
Working on PNP code.
57293 guilkey
Adding some experimental code to catch and knock down nodal velocities that
exceed what should be allowed by the CFL.
57292 harman
Added regression test designed to exercise the adjust_IO_intervals code.

57291 cgritton
Added a couple initial test files for ElectroChem components.
57290 cgritton
Made needed addjustments to other files in order to add MPNP component.
57289 cgritton
Added new component to model the Possion Nernst Planck Equations.